SEBASTIAN BACH: ‘You Have To Be Quite Resilient To Last In This Business’

Mark Dean of Myglobalmind webzine recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Myglobalmind: When we talked last year, you were excited about doing another record with Nick [Sterling, guitar], who has now left the band. What happened there, and how did you then hook up with Jeff [George], your new guitarist?

Sebastian: Watching [the “ABachalypse Now”] DVD, parts of it are bittersweet to me, because watching Nick and I together on stage is really amazing. He is a very talented guitar player. I got him into the band when he was nineteen, and we toured until he was 21 or 22 all over the world. The road is not easy physically or mentally to keep up with. I remember being Nick‘s age touring and it was fucking crazy. It’s a crazy life, and I’m twice as old as him. I would like to work with him again in the future, if that could be possible. Everybody goes through shit on the road, and then you come home and realize its a challenging environment to be on a tour bus every night touring all over the planet. My door is open to work with him again. If that could ever happen, it would be awesome. I got Jeff George in the band after meeting him through Danny from ASKING ALEXANDRIA. Jeff also plays in Danny‘s side project, HARLOT. He has worked out really good, and he has some great song ideas happening for the next record.

Myglobalmind: Yes, I remember you were full of anticipation regarding the future musically with Nick. It’s good that you have left that door open for him to return.

Sebastian: Well, I hope so, I’m very proud of the “Kicking Screaming” record; it exceeded all expectations from everybody. The reviews were fucking amazing — every review that I read. The song itself has over a million plays, which is fucking unbelievable. Watching this DVD, we have also a great chemistry on stage. People don’t realize how fragile rock bands are. I have been watching this special on Showtime, which is airing in America. It’s called “History Of The Eagles”, and they go into detail how fragile that rock band was. I can certainly relate to what they are saying. The [EAGLES] bass player, Timothy B. Schmidt, says that every band he has ever been in is always on the verge of breaking up the whole time. There is a lot of ego involved. People get pretty mad about taking credit for something or saying, “I want the credit for this. I want my name as big as yours,” or, “I want my picture as big as yours.” “If you are on the cover of a magazine, then I have to be on the cover of a magazine also.” Egos get hurt quite a bit in the music industry. You have to be quite resilient, and have a thick hide to last in this business. I learnt that a long time ago. I just keep my head down and keep fucking rocking. You have to understand the music business before you get into it. It’s a challenging industry to be a part of.

Myglobalmind: What are the constellations of getting older? Do you find that as you mature, your attitudes relax maybe towards people from your past that you have maybe disagreed with?

Sebastian: That is another good question. The only guy in SKID ROW that I still have a problem with is Rachel [Bolan], the bass player. I’ve spoken to the other guys and we have no problem at all. The ironic part is with Rachel, I don’t even remember why we were even fighting. The last time I spoke to him, or even was in the same room was sixteen or seventeen years ago. Think about how long that is. I am not capable of being mad at somebody that I haven’t seen in 17 years. I don’t know how you can hold a grudge that long. To me, it’s insane. I just don’t get it at all.”

Myglobalmind: You don’t drink anymore, so how do you escape all the workload/ What’s your release these days?

Sebastian: I don’t drink, but I like to smoke a little pot. I can drink, but choose not to. My girlfriend doesn’t like it, but it’s preferable to drinking. I can smoke a little and try to be the best Sebastian Bach that I can. I have the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen, so that’s the choice that I have made.

Myglobalmind: After meeting her personally last time that we spoke, I think that you have made the right choice.

Sebastian: That’s so nice of you to say, dude. It’s really really cool. When you put this up, she will appreciate your kind words, and I appreciate that too. That’s very nice. Some fans around the world think that I would like it if they told me that they loved me and criticize who I am with. I guess what they are thinking is that I am going to leave a girl that I really do love and be with them. That is not what happens. When somebody disrespects, or is not nice to, the girl that I love, it does not make me like them. It makes me completely fucking hate them from the bottom of my fucking soul. I don’t understand that side. John Lennon went through it with Yoko Ono with people disrespecting the girl that he loved. I just don’t get that why my fans would be like that. I appreciate you listening to my music, but just don’t get involved in my personal life, because it’s not there [for you] to do that. You do need to have a strong woman to deal with the fanatics; that’s just the way that it goes.

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