SELFMACHINE Recording Debut Album

Dutch modern metallers SELFMACHINE are recording their debut album, “Broadcast Your Identity”, with producer Stef Hartog for a spring 2013 release.

According to SELFMACHINE‘s official bio, “the first seeds for this band were planted by bassist Mark Brekelmans after his previous exploits XYSTUS and EQUILIBRIO came to an end in late 2010. He wanted to start something fresh, something groovy, something heavy yet melodic and without any musical restrictions or boundaries. Most of all, though, he wanted something he could share with a group of likeminded individuals. To find the first addition to this band, Mark did not have to look far. Longtime friend Michael had worked with Mark on several projects in the past and once again proved to be the right man for the task. Together they laid out the basis for what is to become the first SELFMACHINE album.”

SELFMACHINE‘s music is described as “a wide array of musical influences rolled into a tight and concise package.”


Steven Leijen: Vocals
Mark Brekelmans: Bass, Backing Vocals
John Brok: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Hansen: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ben Schepers: Drums


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