SEPULTURA Frontman’s Wake-Up Call

Vocalist Derrick Green of Brazilian/American thrashers SEPULTURA — who are currently on the road in Europe as part of the the “Thrashfest Classics” tour with EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, HEATHEN and MORTAL SIN — posted a picture of his band’s damaged tour bus (see below) on his Facebook page with the following caption:

“This happened right next to my bed!! Let me tell you, this is a hell of a way to wake up in the morning!!! The driver had some parking problems [in Leipzig, Germany].”

SEPULTURA played its first show with new drummer Eloy Casagrande (GLÓRIA, ANDRÉ MATOS) on November 25 in Lichtenfels, Germany.

Casagrande joined SEPULTURA as the replacement for Jean Dolabella, who left the band because he could no longer handle being away from home for long periods of time.

Eloy is a 20-year-old drum prodigy from São Paulo, Brazil who won the Modern Drummer “Undiscovered Drummer” contest as a teenager in 2006.

Dolabella left SEPULTURA after a five-year run of relentless touring and two studio albums. He joined SEPULTURA in 2006 following the departure of the band’s original drummer, Igor Cavalera.

SEPULTURA is touring in support of its 12th studio album, and Nuclear Blast Records debut, “Kairos”, which hit stores in July.