SEPULTURA Singer’s Photo Exhibition In St. Petersburg: Press-Conference Video Footage Available

SEPULTURA singer Derrick Green‘s first-ever photo exhibition is being held from August 25 to September 25 at the Domina Prestige hotel (Moika Embankment 99) in St. Petersburg, Russia. All proceeds from the exhibition will be used to repair children’s home No. 7. This orphanage was chosen after much consultation and discussion with a representative of the public movement “Petersburg Parents“, based on the fact that the establishment is in poor condition and is located in a remote area that does not allow it to be supported by the city and business structures to the extent to which it can get a children’s home located in the city.

Green‘s photo exhibition in St. Petersburg is the first of a series of personal exhibitions from the SEPULTURA frontman, with additional events planned for other cities in Europe, including London and Moscow.

During his recent visit to St. Petersburg with SEPULTURA, Derrick was struck by the beauty and grandeur of the city, as well as the breadth of the Russian soul. He subsequently decided that his first exhibition should take place in Russia’s cultural capital.

“I think it was the right timing,” Green said during a press conference at the exhibition opening. “Right now we’re almost finished with the tour cycle with SEPULTURA, so I had time to put something together. For so many years, I’ve just been compiling photos, but this is a perfect introduction — doing something for an orphanage, for charity, to start off everything.”

Video footage of the press conference can be seen below. Photos are available at this location.

Some of Green‘s photographic work can be found here.







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