SERIANNA "INHERITORS" Debut album out tomorrow, LoudTrax Interview.

Bullet Tooth Records is excited for today’s release of the debut album “Inheritors” from Serianna!  Fans can get a preview of the song “Fragments” (Pre Production) at their Facebook page and Download the album at who has the exclusive low price of $6.66.  Below is an interview with the drummer Chris Ferraro and bassist Lee Milbrandt which took place prior to the albums’ release.

Serianna is navigating past its peers in pursuit of something worth preserving, systematically through the muddy gridlock of the current independent music scene. This metal-core squad continues to refine their unique sound while maintaining a solid reputation as one of the region’s most exciting and energetic live acts.  Boasting determination as their greatest attribute, Serianna formed in late 2006 as merely high school friends with a bonded passion for heavy music. 

The lineup was solidified in 2009 when Chicago native Chris Nutting signed on as the band’s front man.  Nutting quickly made his presence known contributing his raw and emotional vocal abilities and bringing Serianna to a previously unreached tier of musicianship.

Writing songs with a sound reminiscent of bands like August Burns Red and The Devil Wears Prada, Serianna set out to spread their music to anyone with an open mind and positive attitude.  Jumping at every opportunity afforded to them, the band began growing rapidly around the Midwest and have played shows with August Burns Red, Attack Attack, Miss May I, Misery Signals, Chiodos, The Color Morale, Of Machines, Before Their Eyes, In Fear and Faith, Born of Osiris, I The Breather, Bury Your Dead, Suicide Silence, Emarosa, Bless the Fall, I Wrestled a Bear Once, and more.  

Serianna’s efforts culminated in 2010 as they began work on their debut full length album, appropriately titled, “Inheritors”. This marks the tenure of the band as they mesh the style and intensity of the music they grew up listening to with the originality and technicality Serianna has come to be synonymous with. 

Their hard work did not go unnoticed as Josh Grabelle (President / Bullet Tooth) tracked the band’s progress on the demos and invited the band to partner with his label Bullet Tooth.  “We couldn’t be more excited to release this record with Bullet Tooth” drummer Chris Ferarro comments, “Over the last couple of months Josh has showed so much direction and interest in us that we’re positive Bullet Tooth is the perfect home for Serianna“.  Tell us about your debut album and the journey on the way to this day.

Serianna This album is our first attempt as a full band to write a full length. We have all collectively written on each song, constantly pushing each others abilities from song to song. It took us over a year to fully record the album and we put everything we are, and everything we have into it. The journey to the release of Inheritors has been nothing short of impossible, and we have loved every second of it. It has proven to be one of the hardest things we have done as a band, we wouldn’t want it any other way.   Lets go through some of the songs on the album.  can you touch on a few favorites…Fragments, the Rescue, Inheritors.  How they came about, anything special / stories about any of those, etc….

Serianna Fragments is a favorite of mine, simply because the lyrics are a testament to the entire album. It talks about how we are all fragments of a whole. That together, we as people can accomplish anything, big or small. The rescue is one of the first songs we actually wrote for the full length. We have matured a ton since we completed it, but we thought it was really cool to see our process for song writing grow. Inheritors is the title track to the album. As such it encompasses all of the tracks on the album. It was the final song that we wrote, and we spent a lot of time paying attention to detail. The song talks about how “we know we’re not alone” yet some make decisions regardless of how they will affect others around them. This song is very fast, and very intense. It’s filled with cool melodies, sweet rhythms, and tons of singing! I have no doubt that it represents our album very well.  How has the touring prior to the album release helped the band reach and establish a fan base?

SeriannaTouring prior to the release was life changing to say the least. It was great to get our feet wet, and get a taste for what life on the road is actually like. We got to meet a ton of cool bands, and even more amazing people. Word of mouth is one of the best tools to help promote our music, so even going to different cities and states to talk to kids and share out music with them was amazing. We can’t wait to tour more!  Was it a challenge getting the fans into the songs which they may or may not have heard?

Serianna  Getting people to listen to something they have never heard before is always a challenge. Although we always seem to have really positive feedback during/after people have watched us play. We genuinely play with our hearts, and love for metalcore music, putting every once of energy and positive attitude into our live sets. I think it speaks volumes about our music, and work ethics as musicians. Which in the long run, helps us get people into our music, having never heard us before. Love or hate it, we truly love every person that has given us a chance, it means the world to us.