SERJ TANKIAN: New Video Interview Posted Online

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, poet and political activist Serj Tankian was interviewed by MTV Güik about his new solo album, “Harakiri”. You can now watch the chat below.

In conjunction with the release of Tankian‘s new album, “Harakiri”, Warner Bros. Records has teamed up with the creators of popular beat making app IAmBeatBox to put out a custom iOs app called I Am Serj. The $0.99 app is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and gives fans a chance to rework, remix and create their own music utilizing the new songs that appear on Harakiri through the I Am Serj app.

Serj used the IAmBeatBox app to help sketch a couple songs off his new album and liked the iPad experience so much, he felt compelled to reach out to IAmBeatBox to see if they’d be into making one specifically for him.

iAmBeatBox and all the Savage I Am apps have created an innovative way to sketch out music using beats and samples on the iPad,” explains Serj. “I used the programs to sketch out three of the songs from ‘Harakiri’ and am excited about launching my own app with them titled, I Am Serj, utilizing the music from ‘Harakiri’, my new solo record.”

The I Am Serj app takes the same app engine used for IAmBeatBox and fills it with loops and samples from all of Serj‘s solo records allowing people to create their own remixes of Serj‘s music utilizing the features and interface that iAmBeatBox has.

“Harakiri” is the third solo album by Serj Tankian and came out physically and digitially on Tuesday via Reprise Records/Serjical Strike. “Harakiri” is getting all kinds of love from the press. Revolver raves, “‘Harakiri’ proves that Serj Tankian is not just one of the best vocalists in rock and metal, but one of the most passionate and provocative artists at work today,” while Alternative Press gushes that “‘Harakiri’ easily contains the best music released under the vocalist’s name.”



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