SEVENTH CALLING: New Song Available For Streaming

“Stand”, a brand new song from the heavy metal band SEVENTH CALLING, is available for streaming at this location. The track, which features special guest appearances by Kenny Earl Edwards (a.k.a. Rhino; HOLYHELL, MANOWAR) and David Shankle (MANOWAR, DSG), will be included on the band’s upcoming album, “War Cry”, to be released at a later date.

SEVENTH CALLING was recently rejoined by co-founding member Lance Lange. His official return to the live lineup will take place over the October 14-15 when the band will also be joined by Rhino on vocals for a few songs.

SEVENTH CALLING‘s October 15 concert at Boomers in Las Vegas, Nevada will be made available as a pay-per-view live webcast from for only 99 cents. The event will include interviews hosted by 1Phychotic of Vegas Rocks! magazine.