SHINEDOWN Bassist Sprains Ankle

SHINEDOWN bassist Eric Bass suffered a second-degree ankle sprain during the band’s performance last night (Friday, March 22) in Lubbock, Texas. After the concert, Bass was taken to the hospital and later tweeted a photo of him waiting in the ER room to be checked out (see below). In a separate Twitter update, the band posted a split photo of Bass performing onstage and a close-up of his swollen right ankle with a message asking fans to send their best wishes.

SHINEDOWN is in the process of wrapping up a tour with THREE DAYS GRACE and P.O.D.

SHINEDOWN‘s fourth album, “Amaryllis”, came out last year. The CD debuted atop Billboard‘s “Rock Albums” chart and at #4 overall on The Billboard 200 — SHINEDOWN‘s biggest chart debut thus far — with over 105,000 units sold its first week out.

In a 2012 interview with SoundSpike, Bass stated about SHINEDOWN‘s return to the road after spending a year writing and recording the new CD: “It’s been a lot of fun to start back off in some small rooms. We made a conscious decision to do that to get our legs back underneath us and kind of remember how to do this thing, since we spent so much time writing the record. But it’s been really, really great to get out and see the fans again, see a lot of familiar faces and see a lot of faces we’ve never seen before, which is always nice. We have a moment in the night during the show where Brent [Smith, vocals] asks, ‘Raise your hands if this is your first time seeing us.’ Everywhere we go, half the room raises their hands. That’s really gratifying to us … The demographic is definitely shifted for the band, too. When I started with the band, it was 18 to 30 year old males. Now it’s kids and parents and males and females. It seems to be exploding, which is really great.”



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