On August 25, Premier Guitar‘s Chris Kies was on location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he caught up with SHINEDOWN guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric Bass during the 2013 Carnival Of Madness tour. In the 35-minute segment below, Myers talks about his dozen PRS models — including some that were built by Paul Reed Smith as birthday gifts — and switching from a five-amp rig to a simplified Axe-Fx II setup. Bass talks about his signature Dean Hillsboro models and why he prefers to use a solid-state Dime guitar head for his distorted tones.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Loudwire asked Zach Myers what SHINEDOWN has coming up next on its schedule after this summer’s Carnival Of Madness tour. Myers said, “We’re going to go home. Brent [Smith, frontman] has to rest his voice. He’s not allowed to talk during the day right now. He’s on vocal rest, same as Jacoby [Shaddix, PAPA ROACH singer]. So there are two singers out here who aren’t really talking a lot. It’s kinda nice. [laughs] We take these weeks off, then go to the U.K. We’re only going to be there for eight days.”Also on the agenda is the possible release of a collection of covers that the group has recorded, with Myers saying, “I’m not sure what’s going down with that. Originally we were just going to release it on YouTube, which you don’t need permission for, obviously, because people do covers on YouTube every day. But I believe fans really want it as a download . . . Now we’re going to release it as an EP with just Brent and I. I believe it will come out during the holidays.”

The Carnival Of Madness tour, which also features SKILLET, PAPA ROACH and others, finishes up in Puyallup, Washington on September 18. 

SHINEDOWN has been on the road steadily since the March 2012 release of its fourth studio album, “Amaryllis”