SHINING, TAAKE, VREID, INSENSE Nominated For ‘Spellemann’ Award

SHINING (Norway; not to be confused with the Swedish extreme metal act), TAAKE, VREID and INSENSE have been nominated in the “Metal” category at the 40th annual Spellemann awards (the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy Awards). The largest and oldest Norwegian music awards show will be held Saturday, January 14 at Folketeateret in Oslo, Norway and will be broadcast live on the Norwegian channel NRK1.

The nominees in the “Metal” category are as follows:

* INSENSE – “Burn In Beautiful Fire”
* SHINING – “Live Blackjazz”
* TAAKE – “Noregs Vaapen”
* VREID – “V”
* Ă…RABROT – “Solar Anus”

Last year’s Spellemann award in the “Metal” category went to ENSLAVED for the band’s “Axioma Ethica Odini” album.


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