SICK OF IT ALL: Re-Recorded Version Of ‘Us Vs. Them’ Available For Streaming

In celebration of their 25 year anniversary, New York hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL will release “Nonstop”, an album of re-recorded classics, on October 31 in Europe and November 1 in the U.S. via Century Media Records.

“Nonstop” track listing:

01. Clobberin’ Time
02. Injustice System!
03. Sanctuary
04. Scratch The Surface
05. Us Vs. Them
06. The Deal
07. Just Look Around
08. Ratpack
09. World Full Of Hate
10. Pushed Too Far
11. GI Joe Headstomp
12. Never Measure Up
13. Chip Away
14. Busted
15. Locomotive
16. My Life
17. Friends Like You
18. Relentless
19. No Labels
20. Built To Last

The song “Us Vs. Them” can now be heard on the band’s Facebook page.

A brand-new trailer for the CD can be seen below.

SICK OF IT ALL lunatics will immediately recognize the voice that can be heard in the clip — the one and only KRS-One, who made an appearance on the track “Clobberin’ Time” from 1989’s “Blood, Sweat And No Tears”. He makes a return appearance on “Nonstop”, not only on the re-recorded version of “Clobberin’ Time” but also on “Clobberin’ Time – KRS-One Civilization Mix”, which will be a special bonus track included on the album.

After the release of the highly acclaimed “Based On A True Story” (2010), SICK OF IT ALL took a short break from relentlessly touring this record earlier this year to hit Antfarm Studio again with Tue Madsen in order to celebrate their 25th anniversary with re-recordings of classic hits for “Nonstop”. Drummer Armand Majidi says, “This whole thing is partially because of working with Tue Madsen — the man who has finally made SICK OF IT ALL sound the way we should in the studio.”

The band added, “It was a fun recording session, and a relatively easy one because we’re so used to playing so many of these songs live. They’re like second nature. Most of these songs make their way into our live sets all the time, so they’re current — they reach new ears and are constantly refreshed by their exposure to a brand new audience. It’s not like they had to be dusted off.

“We changed tempos mostly and some of the arrangements, but we didn’t want to do anything too drastic. We wanted to keep most of the songs true to the originals, but with a more powerful sound that we feel makes them all they can be.”