Singapore’s ZUSHAKON To Release Full-Length Debut This Month

Singapore’s ZUSHAKON will release its self-titled full-length debut digitally on January 13 via Sonic Blast Media.

Influenced by MAYHEM, BATHORY, CELTIC FROST and DARKTHRONE, ZUSHAKON was formed in 2006 by Kyng Hades Almighty (vocals and lyrics) and Armaros (guitar, bass and drums) with a desire to unleash their “sick and twisted” blend of black and death metal to the “safe and sterile” music scene of Singapore.

In 2007, ZUSHAKON released its debut EP, “Chaosphist”, which received positive reviews in the Singapore underground scene despite a limited pressing of just 150 copies.

In 2009, ZUSHAKON released its second EP, “World Ablaze”, to much critical acclaim on the Singapore and European underground scenes, especially in Norway and Russia, where copies of “World Ablaze” have been bootlegged and circulated to friends and fans alike.

In 2011, Armaros left ZUSHAKON for personal and musical reasons, eventually forcing ZUSHAKON to disband indefinitely. However, in 2012 ZUSHAKON was resurrected once again with the addition of Lord Kathir of pioneering Vedic metal band RUDRA coming on board and taking over the helms of music and songwriting for a new album, scheduled for release in late 2013/early 2014.

To announce a new chapter in the history of ZUSHAKON, Kyng Hades Almighty decided to remaster their previous two releases (“Chaospist” and “World Ablaze”) and make them available as a single full-length album entitled “Zushakon”.

“Having ZUSHAKON on board is a dream come true,” says Imran Manaff from Sonic Blast Media. “We have always liked their music and their attitude; and welcome them in our roster. ZUSHAKON brings back the sound of all the great ‘old-school’ black/ death metal bands like MAYHEM and BATHORY. This album (‘Zushakon’) is a blueprint of where black/death metal has been and where it is heading to.”