SINGLE BULLET THEORY has announced the addition of Nick Bunczk (drums), Patrick Brose (guitar) and Joe Brannigan(guitar) to the group’s ranks.

Commented SINGLE BULLET THEORY guitarist/vocalist Matt DiFabio: “We have not had a permanent drummer since the end of our tour with KING DIAMOND in 2003. Once Johnny Sasso (‘Route 666’ drummer) left the band, we have had a revolving door of temporary drummers live and great guest drummers on our records (Matt Thompson of KING DIAMOND and Acacio Carvalho, to name a few).

“Last year we had announced that Adam Sagan (INTO ETERNITY) would be joining the fold. However, logistically it would be very difficult to arrange for rehearsals and set time aside for weekend shows as Adam lives in Minnesota and we are in Philadelphia.

Nick is an excellent musician who in addition to crushing behind the kit, he is a drum teacher as well as an accomplished guitarist.

Nick‘s addition to the group will bring a lot of piss and vinegar to the old SINGLE BULLET THEORY songs as well as open up a complete ‘Pandora’s box’ for future writing.

“On the six-string front, we have added Patrick Brose and Joe Brannigan. Both are from the south Jersey band OF WRATH AND RUIN and both guitarists are awesome.

Patrick will be handling 70 percent of all the leads, including re-writing a lot of leads from ‘Route 666’. Joe and I (yes, we will have three live guitars blazing) will be handling the rhythms as well as bringing the three-part harmony into the mix.

“I have wanted to have three guitars live ever since we toured with BEYOND THE EMBRACE in 2005. They sounded so fucking heavy live and I thought it was a great idea.

“This is NOT to say that John Ruszin III has quit SINGLE BULLET THEORY. John will be performing live with us on select shows in the Philadelphia area. John will still be a part of the SINGLE BULLET THEORY camp and will be involved in the next record. However, John has a REALLY good job and touring isn’t an option for him.

John is a world-class guitarist and a great friend, I am happy to say he is part of the group.

SINGLE BULLET THEORY are now scheduling 2012 dates regionally.

“This is without a doubt the strongest lineup I have had in this group.

“Rehearsals are going great and the group has never sounded this heavy.

“We are looking forward to getting out there and supporting our new record, ‘IV’.”

“IV” was released on September 27 via Goomba Music. The CD contains nine fresh tracks featuring new members John Ruszin III (guitar) and Jeff Kalber (bass). All drum tracks for the effort were recorded at Clay Creek Studio in Newark, Delaware with engineer Nick Rotundo. The remainder of the album was recorded at Ruszin‘s studio in Wenonoh, New Jersey.




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