Single Bullet Theory Reveals Details For Upcoming Full Length

Single Bullet Theory has announced that it will be releasing its long-awaited new album, simply titled “IV,” on September 27, 2011 through Goomba Music. The album was recorded at Clay Creek Studio in Newark, Delaware with engineer Nick Rotundo and is the first album to feature new members John Ruszin III (guitar) and Jeff Kalber (bass). You can view the track listing for “IV” below.

1. Echoes Of The Past
2. What Have I
3. Letting Go
4. Diabolical
5. Leviathan Smiles
6. Auctioneer of Souls
7. Hands of the Wicked
8. The Wake of Betrayal
9. Samsara
10. Spirit Crusher (Death cover)
11. The Hurt That Never Ends