SINISTER: Fan-Filmed Video Footage Of Haarlem Concert

SINISTER: Fan-Filmed Video Footage Of Haarlem Concert

Quality fan-filmed video footage of SINISTER‘s September 7 performance at Patronaat in Haarlem, The Netherlands can be seen below.

SINISTER released its latest album, “The Carnage Ending”, in September 2012 via Massacre Records. The CD was once again recorded at Soundlodge studios in Rhauderfehn, Germany with producer Jörg Uken (GOD DETHRONED, OBSCENITY).

In a recent interview with Heavy Metal Artwork, SINISTER vocalist Adrie Kloosterwaard stated about the songwriting process for “The Carnage Ending”: “Before we started with creating new songs, Bastiaan [Brussaard, guitar] and me talked how the new songs had to sound. For sure, it had to sound like a mix from the old and new SINISTER. Bastiaan comes with a complete track to the practice room and there we make some small changes so that everybody is happy with it. I think at the end, we did a killer job, because it turned out the way we had in mind.”

Kloosterwaard also spoke about the cover artwork for “The Carnage Ending”, which was once again created by Mike Hrubovcak. “I come always with the ideas for the new cover and then Mike starts to work on this and send me every time previews so I can say or things have to be a bit different,” he said. “Most of the time he is also putting his own ideas in it, but that is no problem for me, because I know it will be only better. He will be also the man for the next SINISTER cover.”