SKID ROW Bassist On New EP: ‘We Really Wanted To Focus On Retracing Our Roots’

SKID ROW Bassist On New EP: 'We Really Wanted To Focus On Retracing Our Roots'David Garlow of recently conducted an interview with SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

SKID ROW‘s latest EP, “United World Rebellion – Chapter One”, was released in Europe on May 24 via Germany’s UDR Music. The European version of the EP includes two bonus tracks, both of them cover tunes: “Fire Fire” (EZO) and “United” (JUDAS PRIEST).

“United World Rebellion – Chapter One” sold around 1,500 copies in the Unted States in its first week of release. Released in North America on April 16 via MRI, the effort is the first in a series of EPs that the reincarnated band — Dave “Snake” Sabo (guitar), Rachel Bolan (bass), Scotti Hill (guitar), Johnny Solinger (vocals) and Rob Hammersmith (drums) — plans to release in the near future.

In a recent interview with Legendary Rock Interviews, Bolan was asked if SKID ROW intentionally recaptured the sound and feel of its early records on the new EP. “You know, I’d like to say that we are that smart and we could think of that [laughs], but I think we knew we should go back to our roots,” he said.

“Our last record (2006’s ‘Revolutions Per Minute’) was so experimental. People thought it was weird. We did too, but it’s just a thing where every now and then in your career you’ve gotta make a weird record.

“When Snake and I were writing for this first EP, we purposely didn’t listen to the radio and instead we listened to the stuff that influenced us growing up, the stuff that, basically, helped us write the first two records. That’s how we did it this time around, and this is what came out of it, and the more stuff we write, the more it feels like we’re back in the groove of things.

“It’s weird, man — when you have a career that spans a long time, it becomes really easy to get far away from your roots. If you make a conscious effort to try and pay attention to what your musical roots were, it seems like stuff starts coming out.

“I’m really glad to hear [people] say that [it sounds like the follow-up release to] ‘Slave’, because as we were recording that, we all kept saying that, like, Man, this is kinda like ‘Slave To The Grind’.’ We are stoked.”

Interview (audio):


“This Is Killing Me” lyric video:

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