SKID ROW Founder Wants To Record New Album With SEBASTIAN BACH

Brendan “Brush” Shiels, founding member of the late 1960s/early 1970s Irish blues-rock act SKID ROW — which is best known as legendary guitarist Gary Moore‘s first professional band — has posted a YouTube video in which he invites Sebastian Bach, the former frontman of the American rock group SKID ROW, to sing on his upcoming album, which will be released under the SKID ROW name.

Shiels previously released a video message in which he accused the American SKID ROW of using the band name without his permission. He also talked about how he believed the story that Moore received a $35,000 payoff by the American band for the use of the name is nonsense and revealed that he unsuccessfully tried to contact Jon Bon Jovi (with whom the Sebastian Bach-fronted SKID ROW reportedly signed a publishing deal prior to releasing its first album) and Doc McGhee, early manager of the the American SKID ROW, to resolve the SKID ROW name issue once and for all.

In the latest video message, which can be seen below, Shiels addresses Bach directly, stating, “In my opinion, you’re one of the greatest frontmen in American rock of all time. For me, you’re up there with Ozzy Osbourne, Jon Bon Jovi, Steve Tyler from AEROSMITH. Man, you’ve got it all. The reason I’m trying to get in contact with you… Can you imagine this: Sebastian Bach and SKID ROW? When I say SKID ROW [pointing to his chest]… When Rachel [Bolan, bassist of American SKID ROW] and Snake [guitarist of American SKID ROW] and Bon Jovi were in kindergarten, I was trucking around America playing for very little, blessed to be playing with Frank Zappa at the Fillmore West, played with the ALLMAN BROTHERS. Up and down Canada with BECK, BOGERT APPICE… The reason I’m trying to get in contact with you is very simple: I have a new album [coming out]. Now I’ve been waiting 25 years for this opportunity and it only comes along once in a lifetime. Well, Sebastian . . . if you were singing my songs, we couldn’t fail. ‘I’ll] give you 50 percent of the songs — 50 percent of the roaylties. I’ll split the band with you, 50/50. Your name is top of the bill — Sebastian Bach and SKID ROW. We could do the ultimate . . . tour; it can’t fail. I’m in New York this Saturday, [January 28]. I’d love to meet you, I’d love to get together with you, I’d love to talk with you. But I’ll tell you something: me and you together, we can’t fail. I’m one of the greatest Irish rockers of all time. I know for a fact, I’ve seen you… you have the voice, you have the looks, you have the charisma, you have the passion. Man, I need you, but you need me. Now think about it: Sebastian Bach and SKID ROW. We split everything 50/50, we call the shots together; we can’t fail, Sebastian. We’re unstoppable. Let’s get together and do it.”

Shiels‘ video message can be seen below. Also available is a separate YouTube clip containing a track from Brush‘s new SKID ROW album.