SKYCLAD Frontman To Release Debut Solo Album

Global Music has set a July 4 release date for “Flying In The Face Of Logic”, the first solo album from singer/songwriter Kevin Ridley; producer/vocalist with folk-metal pioneers SKYCLAD. The CD contains 14 original tracks, mainly inspired by the singer’s native Northeast (England) so fittingly, it features several northern session players — notably Northumbrian pipes player Andy May, Folkworks fiddle player Sophy Ball, and BLITZKRIEG‘s Dave Anderson on bass — as well as contributions from the current members of SKYCLAD.

Ridley describes the record as a form of continuation from SKYCLAD‘s “Semblance of Normality”. “‘Semblance…’ was the first album where all the band members involved had roots in Northern England and references were buried within the songs,” he said. “It was something I wanted to explore, so ‘Flying In The Face Of Logic’ became autobiographical and based upon my personal stories of life, love and growing up in the Northeast of England.”

After spending 35 years in the music industry, engineering and producing for thrash-metallers VENOM, FORGODSAKE, ANATHEMA, PARIAH and SKYCLAD, Kevin Ridley took the opportunity to emerge from behind the mixing desk and experience the role of a player, rather than producer.

Five years in the making, Ridley described the journey of writing the album as a challenge of learning “how to fly and make my own rules.”

“Flying In The Face Of Logic” was produced by Kevin Ridley; recorded at Newcastle’s Blast Studio, and mixed by Dario Mollo (GLENN HUGHES, TONY MARTIN, LACUNA COIL).

In related news, SKYCLAD has inked a deal with Global Music for the digital re-release of nearly half of the band’s back catalogue. All releases from 1996 to 2006 are now available to download from all major online retailers.

* Irrational Anthems (1996)
* Oui Avant-Garde á Chance (1996)
* The Answer Machine? (1997)
* Vintage Whine (1999)
* Folkémon (2000)
* Another Fine Mess live album (2001)
* Swords of a Thousand Men Single (2001)
* Live at the Dynamo compilation/live album (2002)
* No Daylights… Nor Heel Taps Compilation/Re-Recording (2002)
* A Semblance of Normality (2004)
* Jig-a-Jig limited-edition EP (2006)

SKYCLAD was founded in 1990 by then former SABBAT vocalist Martin Walkyier and SATAN/PARIAH guitarist Steve Ramsey, their aim being to put together the “ultimate pagan metal band.” Initial ideas for the band included such extravagances as traditional Robin Hood costumes, although these concepts were soon dropped. SKYCLAD are now considered one of the pioneers of folk metal.

SKYCLAD‘s current lineup:

Kevin Ridley (vocals, guitar)
Steve Ramsey (lead guitar, acoustic guitar and backing vocals)
Graeme “Bean” English (bass guitar, acoustic and classical guitar)
George Biddle (fiddle, keyboards and piano)
Arron Walton (drums, percussion)


(Thanks: Matthias Graßhoff)