SLASH Bassist TODD KERNS To Record Acoustic Album, EP

Slash may have closed the book on touring for this year, but his bassist Todd Kerns — who also fronts SIN CITY SINNERS — will join forces with Pledgemusic in December to bring you some new music.

Todd will record an acoustic full-length of all-new solo material and an EP with some of his personal favorites re-done acoustically. Stay tuned for the Pledgemusic campaign launch details and the pre-order countdown.

With the holidays right around the corner, Todd is giving away a free download of his new song, “Little Grace”. Check it out using the widget below.

In a recent interview with The Belleville Intelligencer, Kerns stated about how far Slash is removed from being a wild and crazy, egomanical rock diva: “We’re talking about a guy who is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, who has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and has those millions of albums sold, and has worked with everyone from Fergie, to Michael Jackson and QUEEN … it really doesn’t get much bigger in a lot of ways. For all those things, he could be a total monster and a totally awful person, although we would all still put up with it because of all those accomplishments. But he is not. He is one of the kindest people I know. And I am always afraid of saying things like that for fear that it somehow blows an image of him, like he wants to come off as a little darker or a little heavier. He is a serious man, and he is incredibly focused and incredibly driven at a time in his life and career when he really doesn’t need to ne. He could be one of those guys that just phones it in. In a lot of ways, I think he is playing better than he ever did. And I think it’s a case of him still trying to dig deep and carving out new things and new challenges for himself.”

Regarding how much he and drummer Brent Fritz are seen as part of Slash‘s band, and not simply hired guns, Todd said: “Even when we did the ‘Live At Stoke’ live CD and DVD, I didn’t anticipate it being anything more than a photo of Slash and probably Myles on the cover and inside, because it was always billed as Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and I knew that walking in. Slash is an icon and Myles is a multi-platinum selling artist and has accomplished a great deal on his own. I always knew my place and I am okay with my place. And then all of a sudden they put out this live album and our photos are in it and we’re listed as part of the band.”



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