Slash has once again shot down the possibility of VELVET REVOLVER reuniting with singer Scott Weiland for a new album and tour.

Weiland told ABC News Radio last week that he was making new music with VELVET REVOLVER four years after he was unceremoniously kicked out of the band at the end of a U.K. tour. “We’ve all grown a lot,” Weiland said. “We’re able to put egos and differences and old… conflicts aside and so that’s really cool.”

He added, “They gave me a couple of [new] songs and myself and [guitarist] Dave [Kushner] and [bassist] Duff [McKagan] are gonna be getting together for a songwriting session next week.”

Weiland also claimed that VELVET REVOLVER would hit the road for a short tour before the end of the year. “Slash‘s solo album gets released [on May 22] and so he’s gonna do some touring on that and then we’re gonna go and do some [VELVET REVOLVER] shows in the later part of summer into early fall,” the singer said.

During an appearance on last night’s (Friday, May 18) edition of Eddie Trunk‘s “Friday Night Rocks” radio show on New York’s Q104.3 FM, Slash was asked about Weiland‘s comments and whether there is any truth to the reports that VELVET REVOLVER was once again working with the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS frontman.

“I was doing a radio interview [with the ‘Half-Assed Morning Show’ on the Minneapolis, Minnesota radio station 93X on Monday, May 14] and we just rolled into town,” Slash said. “I got out of my [tour bus] bunk and I dropped my guys off and went straight to this radio station. So I’m acclimating to the morning show, which you know the energy levels of those morning guys. I’m trying to get the coffee in my system. And [the radio show host] starts saying something at one point where he goes, ‘So Scott Weiland‘s back in VELVET REVOLVER. And how does that feel?’ And I was like, ‘Woah! What?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, Scott said you guys are writing together and you’re gonna be on the road by the end of the year.’ And I was just like, ‘Am I delirious? What are you saying?'”

He continued, “Anyway, then, which was a good thing, he played me a tape of the actual conversation with Scott saying all this stuff. I was like, ‘What the f…?’ And that was it. And I called Duff, and I was like, ‘Duff, do you know anything about this?’ And Duff says, ‘I have no idea.’ So that was it. I was just in a state of shock.”

“I talked to Dave Kushner and he said that he and Scott had some conversations at some point about getting back together. But I remember that was sort of Scott‘s M.O. when we did that reunion thing [VELVET REVOLVER reunited for a short performance at the January ‘Love You Madly: A Concert For John O’Brien’ at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California. (see video below) — Ed.] So he’s been interested in burying the hatchet and getting back together and sort of juggling this whole STP/VELVET REVOLVER perfect-world thing. And I’m, like, there’s no way that’s gonna happen. I love Scott — he’s a great guy when I’m not in a band with him. I’d just like to keep it that way. So there’s no truth to this whole thing. [It’s been given] way more attention than it even deserves.”

When asked by whether he would be open to a full-fledged VELVET REVOLVER reunion at some point down the road, Weiland said, “Yeah, I definitely would, some time. If Maynard [James Keenan] can do it with A PERFECT CIRCLE and TOOL, then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t go and do it with both bands [STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and VELVET REVOLVER].”

Weiland reunited with his original band, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, just as his run with VELVET REVOLVER was coming to a close. STP has toured constantly since and recorded a new album in 2010.



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