SLASH Says VELVET REVOLVER ‘Really Wanted To Work With’ OURS Singer

Tim Louie of The Aquarian Weekly recently conducted an interview with legendary guitarist Slash (GUNS N’ ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Aquarian Weekly: First of all, congratulations on becoming the newest star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Slash: Oh, thank you (laughs). Yeah, it was very, very cool! On the personal level, it had a significant feeling for me because it was totally where I grew up and a lot of my young adult and adult experiences all across the board and every extreme happened all in that particular neighborhood. Even from when I started playing guitar in my first band, and even for GUNS N’ ROSES, it was all within that fuckin’ however many square-mile radius. And so it was very sort of a… not what you call an achievement, but it was definitely sort of a very personal kind of milestone, I guess, for me.

The Aquarian Weekly: How does it feel to be put in the same category as a Jimmy Page or a Joe Perry when it comes to legendary guitarists?

Slash: Dude, I’m not even going to answer that one! I don’t even see myself in the same light as those two guys. In fact, they are the reason why I picked up the guitar in the first place and the only reason that I do what I do. To say that I fit in the same category as those guys would be an injustice to them, but I do appreciate the compliment!

The Aquarian Weekly: Where do we stand with VELVET REVOLVER? Because, I remember seeing footage of my bud, Jimmy Gnecco [OURS], joining you guys on stage for a few songs [see video below]. What happened there?

Slash: Actually, we jammed with Duff [McKagan] last night! Unfortunately, as for VELVET REVOLVER, we’ll remain on a hiatus until we find the right singer to replace Scott [Weiland]. Jimmy Gnecco is an amazing singer and we really wanted to work with him. The unfortunate thing was that our schedules conflicted. Whenever we wanted to fly him out to work with us, he was already engaged in something else, but Jimmy was without a doubt the type of singer we were looking for! He was amazing!

Read the entire interview from The Aquarian Weekly.




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