SLASH Says WEILAND-Free Version Of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS ‘Sounds Fantastic’

According to The Pulse Of Radio, the news that LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington was going to be the new frontman — more or less — for STONE TEMPLE PILOTS seems to have divided fans of both bands, but one person thinks it sounds great: Slash. The legendary guitarist, who played in VELVET REVOLVER with former STP vocalist Scott Weiland before dismissing him from that band, tweeted, “On a quick break from interviews, listening to new @STPband w/ @chesterbe sounds fantastic! Really excited for this new line-up.”

It was Slash who first hinted that STP had fired Weiland for a second time last December, with the band itself making the official announcement in February.

Slash has made no secret of his problems with Weiland but admitted a while back that he was hardly surprised by them: “You know, we knew what we were getting into going into it and, you know, he managed to do pretty well for a while there. But then he turned around and it was aggravating and frustrating and all those negatives, but at the same time, you can’t sit there and be surprised.”

Fans were shocked when STONE TEMPLE PILOTS made a surprise appearance at a radio festival in the Los Angeles area last Saturday (May 18), with Bennington making his debut on the mic.

The group performed a new song called “Out Of Time” at the show, putting a studio version online earlier this week. Bennington later said that he was planning on doing more recording and touring with STP, while remaining in LINKIN PARK.




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