SLASH Teams Up With DUNLOP For Triad Of Products

Dunlop and Slash have teamed up to create a triad of products due out just ahead of the guitar legend’s latest album release, “Apocalyptic Love”.

With Slash‘s own experimentation and input, Dunlop created two pedals to complement his raw, expressive sound: the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz and the Slash Cry Baby Classic. The Slash Octave Fuzz features a searing fuzz tone that can be combined with a separate sub octave voice and an octave up fuzz to thicken up your tone with a sinister growl. The Slash Cry Baby Classic is tuned to a lower frequency and features a custom-wound resonance inductor, giving this wah-wah a huge dynamic range and a wide sweep.

Finally, Dunlop celebrates the 25+ years Slash has used Tortex Picks with the limited-edition Slash Pick Tin, featuring the same white 1.14mm Tortex picks Slash takes to the studio and on the road, adorned with new album art and imagery. The Slash Pick Tin also includes a code to download a free digital copy of “Apocalyptic Love”‘s title track.

A question-and-answer session with Slash about his new Dunlop products:

Dunlop: What motivated the creation of the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz?

Slash: I needed a pedal that could produce a great sounding fuzz, with low octave and high octave effects to flesh it out.

Dunlop: Can you briefly describe the development process from your perspective?

Slash: Basically, I explained the sound I was looking for to the Dunlop design team, and we compared those ideas to similar pedals and effects. I told them what I liked and didn’t like, they put together some prototypes, and brought them to me in the studio. I was testing them while we were tracking the new record, so I had it right under the microscope. I gave the Dunlop guys my feedback, and they tweaked and fine-tuned some more until we got the sound I had in my head.

Dunlop: How do you use the Octave Fuzz?

Slash: When I step on the Octave Fuzz, I want to hear a searing, melodic buzz saw. And that’s what you get when you combine the fuzz with the sub octave voice and the high octave fuzz voice.

Dunlop: On which tracks from the new album can we hear the Slash Octave Fuzz?

Slash: I use the Octave/Fuzz pedal on “No More Heroes” and “Carolina”.

Dunlop: We also have a new Slash Cry Baby Classic and a Slash Pick Tin coming out. Why have you stuck with the Cry Baby and Tortex Picks all these years?

Slash: The Cry Baby is such a personal effect — every player has his own way of using it. I’m able to express myself in a certain way that makes every note that much more intense. As for Tortex — no other picks compare. They have a very subtle but very particular texture that you can’t get from any other pick. It’s not slippery plastic; there’s a grip to it.

For a demo of the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz, check out the YouTube clip below.

The MXR Slash Octave Fuzz, Slash Cry Baby Classic, and Slash Pick Tin are exclusive to Guitar Center in the U.S.