SLAVIA Vocalist Loses Battle With Cancer

SLAVIA vocalist Jonas Christiansen was found dead in his apartment early this morning (Thursday, November 17) after battling colon cancer for the past few months. He was 31 years old.

On November 18, members of several high-profile Norwegian metal bands, including DARKTHRONE, SATYRICON and TAAKE, will take part in a live show called “Algir – Støttekonsert For Jonas R. Christiansen”, at Bergen’s prime rock venue, Garage, to raise awareness of colon cancer. In addition, HELHEIM, GRAVDAL and SLAVIA themselves will perform at the event that was originally intended to be a fund-raising concert, but will now go ahead as a memorial show for Christiansen.

Born and brought up in Kongsberg in the Eighties, Jonas Christiansen put his original band SLAVIA on hiatus and moved to Oslo to concentrate on Moonfog Productions‘ newly-signed band DISIPLIN in 2003. While their self-titled debut album quickly shot them onto the national and international stratosphere through their contagious, mid-tempo riffs intermittently layered around chilly black metal blast beats, it was their second album, “Anti-Life”, that saw the Norwegian ensemble truly owning their musical skills. As DISIPLIN went through a variety of personnel changes in 2005, Christiansen moved back to Bergen and resurrected his original project SLAVIA which released debut album, “Strength And Vision”, through Drakkar in 2007.

“Algir – Støttekonsert For Jonas R. Christiansen” participating artists:

* Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE)
* Hoest (TAAKE)