SLAYER Drummer’s Son Releases TO HUMANS EP

Apple Valley, California’s TO HUMANS, the new alternative rock project featuring drummer Jeremy Lombardo (son of SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo), has released a brand new self-titled EP. The five-track effort is available for purchase now via their official Bandcamp page. TO HUMANS also features lyricist/vocalist/guitarist Danny Toranzo and bassist Ace Anderson.

Jeremy Lombardo states: “When we perform, we’re definitely not your average indie rock band. We definitely all have a connection to each other when we perform live. There’s a certain spirit that we all feel and we try our hardest to impress and share that emotion and spirit that we feel with our audiences.”

He adds: “The new EP is essentially a compilation of some of our earlier songs that the band wrote a long time ago, mixed with a couple newer songs that we wrote shortly before entering the studio. Most of our songs start as a freeform jam fused with Danny‘s ideas that eventually morph into what you’ll hear on the EP.”

“To Humans” track listing:

01. Tenacity
02. Rapture
03. Trials and Tribulations
04. Lion Oil
05. Humdrum



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