SLAYER’s DAVE LOMBARDO At Polish Drum Festival; Video Footage Available

Dave Lombardo (SLAYER, PHILM) is among the drummers who are taking part in the 20th-anniversary edition of the International Percussion Festival Drum Fest, which is being held October 13-31, 2011 in Poland. Lombardo held drum clinics and performed with his band PHILM?on October 17 in Opole on October 18 in Wroclaw. Fan-filmed video footage of his appearances can be seen below.

Lombardo is a Cuban-American heavy metal drummer best known for his work with American thrash metal band SLAYER. Lombardo‘s music career has spanned more than 30 years, during which he has been involved in the production of more than 30 commercial recordings spanning a number of major genres with bands such as GRIP INC., FANTÔMAS, and TESTAMENT in addition to SLAYER.

Lombardo‘s musical interest was sparked by playing along to a SANTANA record with bongo drums and was later influenced by the musical styles of LED ZEPPELIN and KISS.

Lombardo is known as an aggressive heavy metal drummer and his use of the drums have been called “astonishingly innovative” and earned him the title “the godfather of metal double bass” from Drummer World. Over his career, he has had a significant influence on the metal scene, and has inspired many modern metal drummers.

While there are elements of metal detected throughout PHILM‘s sound, the band manages to also incorporate such other styles as jazz, ambient, hardcore punk, experimental, and funk into its unpredictable, cacophony-heavy style. An obvious reason for this multi-genre amalgamation can be directly linked to the gentlemen that play alongside Lombardo in PHILMPancho Tomaselli is a longtime member of funk rockers WAR, and Gerry Nestler fronts prog metallists CIVIL DEFIANCE. Add it all up, and you get the wonderful world of PHILM.

Clinic footage:





PHILM performance footage: