SLIPKNOT Percussionist CLOWN Featured In HESTA PRYNN’s ‘Seven Sisters’ Video

SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan makes a guest appearance in “Seven Sisters”, the new video from Hesta Prynn (real name Julie Potash), the American musician and singer/rapper from Long Island, New York. Check it out below. The clip was filmed on Clown‘s turf in Des Moines, Iowa with Randy Scott Slavin, director of Prynn‘s “Can We Go Wrong” and “Turn It Gold” videos.

Julie and I are the same person when it comes to breaking the molds of reality to create pure art,” Clown tells “One night she gave me a call saying that she and her director wanted to fly out to Des Moines on their own dime and capture some of the pigment that I swim in. Over two days, I was able to take them to a couple of magical Clown areas in which I have been to create my own art.”

“[Clown] took us to a farm two hours north, literally in the middle of nowhere,” Prynn tells of the video shoot. “There’s a very unsettling feeling that comes from being a city kid out in the middle of Iowa, and that unsettled place is where I was at when I wrote ‘Seven Sisters’. I am a longtime lover of montage from films like ‘Persona’ and ‘The Parallax View’. I wanted to make a video that communicated a feeling, not a story, and Clown and Randy were totally game. Clown hand-welded the mask that we both wear in the video. When you put that mask on it’s like being in SLIPKNOT for a minute. You can hear the crowds and feel the anger. It sounds crazy, but I swear to God it’s true.”