SLIPKNOT – STONE SOUR Frontman Talks About His Film Company

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor always seems to have several projects going at once, and he recently told The Pulse Of Radio about one new endeavor that he is starting up with fellow SLIPKNOT member Shawn “Clown” Crahan. “Me and Clown are actually starting a film production company and we’re gonna start getting into movies, and trying to get the movies made that we like,” he said. “You know, just kind of try and gather maybe the black sheep or the misfits of the Hollywood society and try and make some movies to kind of shake things up. But that’s still a little ways off, so we’ll see what happens.”

Taylor told that the company’s movies will be “different” and will definitely not include any remakes.

Meanwhile, Taylor has given Australian website FasterLouder some more details about STONE SOUR‘s fourth album, which he hopes the band will begin recording early in 2012.

Taylor has described his vision for the record as “very grand” and has said that it could end up being a double concept album. As for the storyline, he said, “It’s basically the story of a man who’s trying to figure it out. He can’t figure out if he’s happier when he’s miserable, or if he’s miserable about not being happy. It’s almost like a mid-life crisis in a way. He’s young enough that he knows that there’s still a lot of life to live, but he’s old enough to realize that he can’t be hung up on the romance of teenage depression and youthful aggression.”

Taylor will tour Australia in February with SLIPKNOT, as well as the U.S. next summer, but said he’s “not even thinking about” writing a new SLIPKNOT album yet.

Taylor has been on a solo tour in which he combines spoken-word, questions from the audience and acoustic performances. At two separate shows he described producer Rick Rubin as “overrated” and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer Scott Weiland as “lazy.”


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