SLIPKNOT’s CLOWN Talks About ‘Wear The Mask’ App (Video)

SLIPKNOT co-founder/conceptualist/percussionist Shawn M. Crahan (a.k.a. Clown) recently spoke to Artisan News about the band’s first-ever digital app, which was released last month across Mac iOS and Android platforms. You can watch the chat below.

Appropriately entitled “Slipknot: Wear The Mask”, the app is as much about the fans as it is the band. The point is for fans to learn something about themselves through SLIPKNOT‘s unique perspective and lens. “Wear The Mask” has social, gameplay, and photography aspects, but it is not any one of those things exclusively.

Clown notes: “Welcome to what we are. Welcome to what you are, and what we together have always been. SLIPKNOT is not a band. We are a culture and you are our blood. We play for blood. Enjoy your new face. It has always been there with you. Strap it on and let’s infect the entire world together as one. It’s time to Wear The Mask. Stay (sic) and enjoy it.”

Typical band apps are often either an abbreviated web site with tour dates and ticket links or a simple game that fans play once before growing bored. With “Wear The Mask”, SLIPKNOT and their partner agency, Saatchi Saatchi – New York, they aimed to do more. Together they wanted to create an experience for fans that allowed them to completely immerse themselves in the culture of SLIPKNOT.

Saatchi Saatchi New York‘s Chief Creative Officer Con Williamson adds: “SLIPKNOT‘s Facebook presence alone is over 12 million fans, so we wanted to create a way to give each one of those people an individual experience with the band. ‘Wear the Mask’ is an engaging, layered and multi faceted way to do that. Fans will discover an app that’s complicated, disturbing, challenging and fresh, and really true to their core. This will allow them to keep finding new ways to get even more lost in the awesome world of SLIPKNOT.”

“Slipknot: Wear The Mask” can be downloaded at




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