SMILE EMPTY SOUL Interviewed By ‘Backstage Entertainment’ (Video)

On November 20, Jeremy Lafrentz of Backstage Entertainment conducted an interview with the Los Angeles-based rock trio SMILE EMPTY SOUL at The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska. You can now watch the chat below.

SMILE EMPTY SOUL‘s new album, “3’s”, was released on May 22 via eOne Music.

Asked if the fact that SMILE EMPTY SOUL is currently a three-piece contributed to the band’s decision to call the new CD “3’s”, vocalist/guitarist Sean Danielsen told Loudwire, “Actually, it is. You know, when we were making the record, we were looking for titles and the way we like to kinda do things when we are searching for a title for an album is just see what themes keep popping themselves up as you’re creating the record. As we were making the album, the number three just kept popping up everywhere we were looking. Obviously one of the major reasons is the fact that we are a three-piece and that is definitely something we took into consideration with naming it, but there are also a ton of other threes going on everywhere we looked in our lives collectively as a band … We figured out we’ve released one album every three years ever since our first record, our current lineup has been the same for six years, our name obviously SMILE EMPTY SOUL has three words in it, we all turned 30 during the making of the record … the list was actually crazy. We sat and started writing the different threes in our lives down and it was overwhelming.”

Formed in 1998, SMILE EMPTY SOUL has certainly seen the inside of the music business. With a Top 10 hit single, “Bottom Of A Bottle”, countless tours and a gold-certified album under their belts, the band shows no signs of stopping now.


Sean Danielsen (lead vocals, guitar)
Ryan Martin (bass)
Jake Kilmer (drums, backing vocals)



“Afterlife” video:




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