SMILE EMPTY SOUL: New Video Interview Posted Online

Groovey of Colorado Music Buzz Entertainment recently conducted an interview with the Los Angeles-based rock trio SMILE EMPTY SOUL. You can now watch the chat below.

SMILE EMPTY SOUL‘s new album, “3’s”, is due on May 22 via eOne Music.

“I think we put more thought into this album cover than ever before. There’s a ton of symbolism going on, and the whole package this time really means a lot to us,” says guitarst and lead singer Sean Danielson.

He continues, “‘3’s’ is the best record we’ve made. It’s more musical and mature, yet still has the ‘SMILE‘ sound that our fans are looking for.”

“3’s” track listing:

01. Carve
02. Ugly
03. Warning
04. Sleep Deprivation
05. Hiding Place
06. Let Go
07. Basement
08. Afterlife
09. Greatest Hits and Medleys
10. Hard Biter
11. Wrecking Ball
12. Not Alike

Formed in 1998, SMILE EMPTY SOUL has certainly seen the inside of the music business. With a Top 10 hit single, “Bottom Of A Bottle”, countless tours and a gold-certified album under their belts, the band shows no signs of stopping now.


Sean Danielsen (lead vocals, guitar)
Ryan Martin (bass)
Jake Kilmer (drums, backing vocals)




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