SnagFilms Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’

As the 25th anniversary of the classic heavy-metal documentary “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is celebrated in tour buses, at record stores, not to mention parking lots, SnagFilms is prominently featuring the cult-classic produced by Jeff Krulik and John Heyn.

“Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is a 16-minute documentary featuring passionate heavy metal fans at a 1986 JUDAS PRIEST concert outside the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland. Upon its initial release, the film was underappreciated until bootleg VHS copies helped create a cult whose members included passengers on the NIRVANA tour bus, as well as such notable directors and rock music connoisseurs as Sofia Coppola and Cameron Crowe, who called it one of the greatest rock movies ever.

In addition to the original film, SnagFilms will feature two follow-up films, “Heavy Metal Basement”, a film on JUDAS PRIEST expert Jim Powell, and “Heavy Metal Parking Lot Alumni: Where Are They Now?” which depicts the current lives of the film’s stars and how their lives have changed in the past 25 years.

“As this timeless classic hits 25, we wanted to make sure that the widest audience of music fans around can view it,” said SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen. “Whether seeing it for the first time or the 20th, today’s digital savvy fans have only to log on to SnagFilms to watch this classic, on demand, for free.”

“In the 25 years since its launch, ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’ has always been a documentary that has struck a chord for a generation, particularly those of us who were at that JUDAS PRIEST concert or knew someone who was there,” said producer Jeff Krulik. “We are honored that SnagFilms is helping us celebrate the special anniversary of the film and draw-in a new generation to watch and share with their friends.”

“We are excited by the opportunity to celebrate this milestone anniversary for ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’,” said producer John Heyn. “The film was such a big part of our lives 25 years ago, watching it now takes us back to that time. SnagFilms provides the perfect opportunity to showcase the film to today’s youth and educate them about such a pivotal film classic.”

“Heavy Metal Parking Lot” and the two follow-up “Heavy Metal” films are now available for free online viewing at



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