SNOWY SHAW’s MICAEL GRIMM Tribute Performance Posted Online

Professionally filmed video footage of Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw performing the DREAM EVIL song “The End” on May 27, 2011 at the Brew House in Gothenburg, Sweden can be seen below. The track was dedicated at the concert to EASY ACTION bassist Micael “Grimm” Magnusson, who died of diabetes complications just 10 days earlier.

Snowy‘s entire Brew House show was recorded and filmed for future release. The one-off event saw Shaw performing “all his favorite songs” from “all his former bands” — including KING DIAMOND, NOTRE DAME, DREAM EVIL, MERCYFUL FATE, THERION, MEMENTO MORI, ILLWILL, XXX and DIMMU BORGIR — and featured guest appearances by the following musicians:

* Hal Patino (KING DIAMOND)
* Thomas Vikström (CANDLEMASS)
* Kee Marcello (EUROPE)
* Jackie Patino (a.k.a. Maryann Cotton)

Snowy‘s backing band consisted of the following players:

* Kristian Niemann (ex-THERION) – Lead Guitar
* Mannequin De Sade (ex-NOTRE DAME, ENGEL) – Drums
* Elvira – Bass

When asked what prompted him to stage this unusual concert, Snowy told BLABBERMOUTH.NET earlier in the year, “First of all, few people been involved in as many bands as I have, and over the years people kept saying I should revive NOTRE DAME, reunite with KING DIAMOND or MEMENTO MORI, or that DREAM EVIL wasn’t as good without me and so on. Personally, I’m not a big fan of moving backwards, but this concept is something altogether new and fresh, perhaps even unique. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t know of anyone else who’ve done anything like this before, and I feel really excited and optimistic about it. From the moment it first crossed my mind and the more I thought about it, I loved the idea of offering people a kick-ass ‘best- of’ show with all the favorites, classics and hits of all my former bands together with my all-star band and occasional special guest stars connected to those bands. And so far people seem to love the idea and concept, and the response has been nothing less than great.”

“The End” performance:


DVD preview:




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