SOCIETY 1: ‘Kill Me’ Video Released

SOCIETY 1‘s new video, “Kill Me”, which was directed by Amy Sampson and SOCIETY 1 frontman Lord Zane, can be viewed below. The first song from the group’s upcoming EP, “Screams Of A Sadist”, signals “a return to the earlier industrial roots of SOCIETY 1 yet the video breaks new ground conceptually compared to previous efforts of the band,” according to a press release.

Comments Zane: “This video ties in directly to the lyrical content where every other video SOCIETY 1 created had a very vague connection to the song if any at all. I really wanted the images to reflect what I am singing about so I made the scenes very literal yet interesting. The song is called ‘Kill Me’ and that’s what is happening in the majority of the video. I’m being killed through erotic asphyxiation, I’m bleeding out during an orgy after getting my wrists slashed, I’m dying through crucifixion which is the most famous way of being murdered thanks to Jesus Christ so on and so forth.”

These scenes, when understood within that context, make perfect sense but there is the one role Zane plays in the video that is bound to raise some questions of his intentions.

“I actually play Adolf Hitler in the video,” he says. “It is the first time I acted out a role as someone else. It was an interesting transformation I had to go through in order to be able and do it. You have to drop all social stigma associated with the symbols and history and approach it from the other direction. As if it’s something you believe in or the character wouldn’t really come across well.”

This still leaves the question of why he would portray Hitler in the first place. Zane explains how this decision was again based on the lyrical content of the song.

“I talk about Hitler in the song as if I could have been him in a previous life because of how hated I am in this life, not to mention how horrid my karma has seemed to be these past seven years,” he says. “It’s kind of been a joke between my close friends and I. They would always ask why everyone seems to hate me with such intensity. I would say I must have been Hitler in my past life. The melding of that idea and expressing it through music finally happened, and if you ask me, my portrayal of him is rather disturbing.”

The “Kill Me” single can be purchased on iTunes.


Vocals – Lord Zane
Guitar – Eric Anthony
Bass – Dirt Von Karloff
Drums – Francisco Zamudio


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