SOIL Singer Says Next Album Will Pick Up Where ‘Redefine’ Left Off

On September 25, Jake Serd and Ken Kirby of 94.9 K-Rock recently conducted an interview with ex-DROWNING POOL and current SOIL vocalist Ryan McCombs.

Asked about his relationship with his former DROWNING POOL bandmates less than a year since he exited the group, McCombs said, “We ended things very… We were all just burnt out, and at the time they didn’t even know… Once we talked about the fact that I was stepping away, they didn’t even know whether they were going to do another record. I’m glad that they did, because they’re just a great group of guys. We [SOIL and DROWNING POOL] actually did a festival together a couple of months ago in Michigan, which ended in just the typical — me, Stevie [Benton, bass] and C.J. [Pierce, guitar] getting completely obliterated together. So things are really good. I mean, there’s no animosity, no hard feelings.”

McCombs also spoke about SOIL‘s future plans, including the release of a new studio album, which is tentatively scheduled for next year. Several songs have already been written for te effort, which the singer says will “pick up where [2004’s] ‘Redefine’ left off. I love the material that we’re writing, and that’s the feeling that I get from it,” he said. “At the same time, [‘Redefine’ came out] seven years ago, so I’m sure there’s gonna be some change.”

He continued, “A lot of fans I ran into on the road just in the past few weeks made comments that they felt like, you had [2001’s] ‘Scars’ and you had ‘Redefine’ and then really… I’m not dissing anything. The [other SOIL] guys, I think, put out two really good albums [with another singer] after I left. But it’s just the way… Usually, when people listen to music, it’s kind of the voice that catches people’s ears. I’m not putting myself up on [a pedestal] by saying that, but at the same time, it’s just kind of the reality of the business. So people were saying how it was kind of like those next two DROWNING POOL albums [with me on vocals] were… that was the follow-up to the first two SOIL records as far as that vocal sound. And I think this [new SOIL CD] is just gonna be the next one in line.

“I love the material we’re doing and it’s feeling good. I hope the people that loved ‘Scars’ and ‘Redefine’ see that natural progression.”

SOIL will support FOZZY on a nine-date U.K. tour launching November 27 in Stoke, England and wrapping up December 6 in Brighton, England. The tour marks both bands’ first return to the United Kingdom since highly successful appearances at this year’s Download festival. The tour will also feature the U.K.’s own BREED 77.

SOIL released its first-ever DVD, entitled “Re-LIVE-Ing The Scars”, on May 8 via Bieler Bros. Records. The two-disc set, which was recorded live on October 14, 2011 at Electric Ballroom in London, England, contains an audio CD version of the same concert. Also included is over one hour of backstage and behind-the-scenes bonus footage and photos.

SOIL‘s recording lineup for “Re-LIVE-Ing The Scars” consisted of founding members Ryan McCombs (vocals; ex-DROWNING POOL), Tim King (bass) and Adam Zadel (guitar) alongside former STAIND drummer Jon Wysocki.


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