More big news for attendees of Boston Comic Con this week, as Terminal Press unveils another book debuting at the popular New England show. The latest in a series of comics featuring the killer roster of bands from Nuclear Blast Records is here — “Soilwork: An Evil Upon Us”.

“Foreign stars would herald the Devil’s arrival. So speak the Carpathian ancients, as a second moon rises and the galaxies align in a strange night sky. But their warnings have gone unheeded, and before the night is through an evil from beyond our world will sweep through the darkened mountains of Transylvania. The last line of defense for the humble people of these hills is a band of six travelers who are far from home. They are the members of SOILWORK — and they’re in for a hell of a night.”

Following in the footsteps of Terminal Press“Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress” and “Exodus: Death Begets Death”, the SOILWORK one-shot is a maniacal tale of demon-slaying conceptualized by the band members themselves, and promises to deliver the same level of brutal intensity SOILWORK‘s fans have grown to love from their albums and live shows.

With a team of talent coming up the ranks from the ZombieBomb! anthology series, “Soilwork: An Evil Upon Us” features a script by Jerry Morrissette, art by TONY DONLEY, colors by Lawrence Basso and Jeff Fugelsang, letters by Keith McCleary, and pinups by Rich Woodall, Frank Reynoso and Andrew Houle. Variant covers feature the work of Adam Miller and Josh Morrissette.

“Soilwork: An Evil Upon Us” debuts at Boston Comic Con, April 30 – May 1. Fans will be able to see preview images and more updates in the days leading up to the event at Terminal PressFacebook page.


One thought on “SOILWORK Comic To Debut At BOSTON COMIC CON

  • April 21, 2011 at 6:34 am


    Hey guys- it seems there was a mix-up in the PR for the book-

    The artist for the book is TONY DONLEY not Tony Daniel-

    The correct PR is here-

    The problem especially is that there is, in fact, a comic book artist named Tony Daniel who works for DC comics. He’s rather well known and just finished a run on Batman-
    You can see where this could lead to problems. If you could adjust the post that would be a huge help- sorry for any confusion.

    Thank you-
    Adam Miller
    Creative Director
    Terminal Press