Dirk Verbeuren, best known as the drummer of SOILWORK from Sweden and founding member of SCARVE from France, has yet another venture under his belt: his work with Toontrack, the digital music software company, also of Sweden. Now he’s expanding his digital recording skills, and focusing on his personal recording studio, Die Crawling Studio.

Verbeuren built Die Crawling Studio as a haven for his own digital music production. Equipped with an electronic drum kit, the latest Toontrack software and a sound safe space, the studio is where Verbeuren not only produced elaborate MIDI libraries, but also multiple album recordings as well as editing and mastering for such projects.

Just a few years old, Die Crawling Studio has grown from merely a practice location into a musical consortium. Verbeuren says, “I’m very proud to have optimized my own working space and place myself at the forefront of such a great technological advancement in music production. To be relevant in the music industry, I believe you have to embrace its evolution, not fight it.”

Verbeuren began working with a digital drum studio after Toontrack sought him out to contribute to their Metal Foundry, a project that would open many doors in his realm of drumming. Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, the transition from drums to an electric kit is not an easy one.

“In order to keep my style and vision, I’ve had to adapt my approach and learn to play on mesh heads which is a whole new playing field in comparison,” he says. “It’s not always easy but it has expanded my capabilities as a drummer, especially with extreme music where speed and technique are key.”

Currently recording his first solo endeavor, BENT SEA, Verbeuren will take on multiple roles as drummer, guitarist, bassist, lyricist and songwriter, with all recordings except vocals taking place in Die Crawling Studio. His most recent completed project is entitled COLOSSO, a modern death metal band from Portugal which is currently in the mixing stages. Additionally Verbeuren is currently creating “Library Of The Extreme Volume III”, due out this fall, the follow-up to acclaimed MIDI libraries such as “The Metal Foundry” and “Library Of The Extreme Vol. I” and “II” released through Toontrack.

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