SOILWORK Drummer To Pull Double Duty On Upcoming Tour

SOILWORK skinsman Dirk Verbeuren will be filling in for Jeff Loomis‘ drummer Anup Sastry for the final eleven shows of the “Living Infinite World Tour”.

States Verbeuren: “It’s truly an immense honor to be asked by the incredible Jeff Loomis to fill in on drums for the final dates of our North American tour together!

“As some of you may know, I played on Jeff‘s latest record, ‘Plains Of Oblivion’, prior to Anup Sastry joining the band. Come to think of it, we’re going full circle here. I can’t wait to perform with these guys — it’s gonna be epic!”

Born in Wilrijk, Belgium in 1975, Verbeuren began his musical training in elementary school with the violin which he played proficiently for seven years. His family moved to Paris, France in 1988, where he studied piano and electric guitar. In 1991, Verbeuren discovered his gift and passion for rhythm on a second-hand drumkit. He immediately began practicing, creating and performing with other musicians.

In 1993, Verbeuren moved to Nancy, France to study at the Music Academy International (MAI). Following his graduation, MAI promptly hired him as a drum professor while in his own time, he co-founded futuristic death metal outfit SCARVE. Verbeuren‘s fine-tuned ear, impeccable musical memory, sensitivity to structure and ability to read/write rhythm made him a highly demanded session drummer overnight. In the following years, he recorded and toured with over a dozen bands, including Swedish metal act SOILWORK, which he permanently joined in 2005. Worldwide touring became the norm, including a coveted slot at the classic itinerant festival Ozzfest. Session work also intensified as Verbeuren laid down drum tracks for numerous albums such as NEVERMORE vocalist Warrel Dane‘s “Praises To The War Machine”.

2010 was yet another busy year for Verbeuren. He recorded drums for revered artists Devin Townsend and Fredrik Thordendal (MESHUGGAH) as well as ANATOMY OF I, featuring the legendary bass virtuoso Steve DiGiorgio. In early 2011, Verbeuren launched BENT SEA, which sees him taking on multiple instruments, as well as the roles of composer and lyricist. He went on to record with NAGLFAR and Jeff Loomis, and played two sold-out live performances with DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, immortalized on the “By A Thread” box set. Verbeuren continued in 2012 with three highly successful Meinl/Tama drum-workshop tours in China, France, Sweden, Germany, Poland and The Netherlands.


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