SOILWORK Drummer’s BENT SEA To Release Debut EP

BENT SEA, the grindcore band formed by multi-instrumentalist Dirk Verbeuren, is putting the finishing touches on its debut EP, “Noistalgia”. Drums and guitars for the EP were recorded and performed by Verbeuren at his own Die Crawling Studio, while ABORTED mastermind Sven De Caluwé tracked his vocals at Masterdisk Studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. A soon-to-be-announced bass player also contributed to the recording while SOILWORK/SCARVE guitarist Sylvain Coudret, added a dash of soloing flair.

BENT SEA is the creative child of respected drummer Dirk Verbeuren, arguably most well known for his drumming skills in Sweden’s SOILWORK. Yet Verbeuren has roots planted in various metal grounds.

Storming onto the metal scene in the early Nineties as a founding member and songwriter for SCARVE, Verbeuren raised the bar for drummers across the globe.

Verbeuren has endorsement deals with Tama, Meinl, Evans and Toontrack, to name a few, and has recorded alongside such metal gurus as Devin Townsend, Jeff Loomis, Warrel Dane and Fredrik Thordendal; not to mention bands like ABORTED, SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION and ANATOMY OF I.

“I’m a musician at heart,” states Verbeuren. “I play drums because music is what I love. It’s my life, my expression and my outlet. I work hard day in and out on so many projects that I’m completely proud of and then at night, or while I’m driving in my car I’m listening to what got me here and where it all began. Grindcore is what planted the seed. Sure, I listen to many styles of music but if I had to choose what music I identify with most, it’s grindcore. So I started to listen to what was brewing inside of me and it came out in the form of BENT SEA. I wrote the whole album and recorded each instrument in under six weeks. It was just seeping from my pours. I had to get it out.” He goes on to say, “This is my baby. I’m very proud of BENT SEA and I’m passionate about it. Every musician has something they do when they’re at home, isolated in their thoughts and this is mine. I’m excited to share this side of my work with fans.”

Due on November 11, “Noistalgia” will be made available exclusively as a digital download through www.bentsea.comwhile a limited-edition physical release is also in the works.

“Noistalgia” is eleven tracks in length and a rare initial release will include an EXTREME NOISE TERROR cover as a bonus track


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