SOILWORK Frontman Added To STAR MONARCHY Project

Björn “Speed” Strid (vocals; SOILWORK) and Sean Dailey (vocals; THE BETTER DEATH) have been added to the list of musicians who will contribute to “Volume 1”, the debut album from STAR MONARCHY, the new project launched by bassist Ray Riendeau (HALFORD, JAMES LABRIE). The release will feature songs written by Ray and some collaborations with other artists. It will be recorded by an ongoing cast of players/singers in various metal genres. Also scheduled to appear on “Volume 1” are Rody Walker (vocals; PROTEST THE HERO), Travis Orbin (drums; ex-PERIPHERY, SKY EATS AIRPLANE), Francesco Artusato (guitar; ALL SHALL PERISH), Dan Tompkins (vocals; TESSERACT), Peter Wildoer (drums; DARKANE, JAMES LABRIE) and Danny Handler (drums; THE BETTER DEATH).

STAR MONARCHY‘s first single, “Monarchy”, will be released on October 28. The track, which was mixed and mastered by Derek Taylor at Milo studios in Texas, features Tompkins on vocals, Artusato on guitar, Riendeau on bass and guitar and Handler on drums. You can stream it at this location.