SONIC SYNDICATE Drummer Welcomes Baby Daughter

SONIC SYNDICATE drummer John Bengtsson and his wife welcomed a baby daughter last week.

Commented John: “I’ve experienced a lot of amazing things in my life, but seriously NOTHING can prepare you for the birth of your child! It is the most incredible thing that can happen to you! And I’m stunned at how strong women are, to be able to give birth! And yes, to answer the question I’ve been asked, I did cry out sheer happiness the first time I saw my daughter!”

SONIC SYNDICATE bassist Karin Axelsson announced in May that she was pregnant with her first child. According to Karin, the baby is due the first week of October.

Guitarist Roger Sjunnesson left SONIC SYNDICATE last month. A replacement axeman has not yet been announced.

“The plan is to continue the band, but we have not had time to sit down and discuss everything,” SONIC SYNDICATE guitarist Robin Sjunnesson told Sweden’s Hallands Nyheter last month. “Right now we have some other priorities in life to tend to, so there will probably be no further activities this year. But we have all individually begun writing new material.”

Part of the problem is that the four members of SONIC SYNDICATE all live in different cities — Karin resides in Falkenberg and John in Ullared. But Robin has moved to Stockholm and Nathan, the only non-Swedish member of the group, lives with a girl in Helsinki, Finland.

After an almost year-long hiatus, SONIC SYNDICATE co-headlined the Vekeri Fesztival in Hungary in late June.

SONIC SYNDICATE‘s latest album, “We Rule The Night”, was released in Europe on August 27, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records.


Robin Sjunnesson (guitar)
Karin Axelsson (bass, vocals)
John Bengtsson (drums)
Nathan James Biggs (vocals)


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