SONS OF SEASONS — the progressive/symphonic metal band led by keyboardist/guitarist Oliver Palotai (KAMELOT, DORO) — has parted ways with singer Henning Basse. The group states: “The musical and professional plans have been going into different directions since a while so that we finally made this decision in mutual agreement. We wish Henning good luck in the future and will begin working on the upcoming album these days.”

SONS OF SEASONS‘ sophomore album, “Magnisphyricon”, was released in April 2011 via Napalm Records. Palotai previously stated about the CD: “I guess many second albums mean a big step forward for most bands. We’ve also learned so much during the production of [SONS OF SEASONS‘ 2009 debut] ‘Gods Of Vermin’ and afterwards, and all this influenced the successor big time… The result is what we were aiming for: More than one hour of dark symphonic metal, strong melodies and a reflection of our artists’ soul, what we are, what we’ve absorbed in the past two years, what we wanted to achieve.”

According to a press release, SONS OF SEASONS “performs the difficult feat of balancing technical prowess with memorable melodies. The powerful and lively production completes the listening experience and gives the tracks their crystal-clear quality. ‘Magnisphyricon’ is a profound and multifaceted melodic symphonic metal album that will whisk you away to a breathtaking sound universe.”