Sorrowful Angels Parts Ways With Guitarist Dariusz Sipiora

Sorrowful Angels has issued the following announcement about parting ways with guitarist Dariusz Sipiora:

“Our dear friend and music companion, Dariusz Sipiora (Rythm guitars) stated in his FB status just before the our shown in Athens on the 18th of June: ‘Everything is already in black and white:) I leave Greece on Sunday and Monday I start a new life in Holland.. m / will be the only thing I missed from Greece, this is my band Sorrowful Angels and my friends but I hope I can do everything! ;-)’

“Working contitions are hard here in Greece right now and we strongly support Dariusz’s decision for a better future for him and his family! Although things are a bit vague whether he will be able to continue as a full member in the band, there will be a replacement member for gigging purposes announced soon. If this change will be permanent or not, we believe its still too soon to tell.

“The only thing that is certain, is that Sorrowful Angels, will continue in full force alive and gigging as planned and that the new record will be released in September! Take Care Dariusz Sorrowful Angels support you!”