Soulfallen Announces New Album “The Promise Of Hell” Release

Finland’s Soulfallen has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album in early 2012:

“Big news! It makes us extremely proud to announce that our new album ‘The Promise of Hell‘ will be released on January 18th 2012! It will be released by our own label ‘Grave New Music’ and distributed by Inverse Records/Supersounds (Finland), Plastic Head (UK), Bertus (Holland), Sound Pollution (Sweden), Disk Union (Japan), The End Records (USA), Rebeat (Austria), Non Stop (Switzerland), and LSP/MetalZone (Belgium). The cover art for ‘The Promise of Hell‘ was made by Maija Ranka ( and will look as follows.

“For your first real taste of Hell, a teaser of the new album is now available (see below) that features music from all the songs from ‘The Promise of Hell‘. Later this month we will also release the new track ‘Dead and Dying’ as the first official single.

“The new album will be the final part of a trilogy, the closing of a chapter. It will bear the trademark sound of Soulfallen with some new flavours directly from the ever-burning kitchens of Hell. The story will continue where Grave New World left off: at the burial of the world. Something has gone terribly wrong and life has united with death in a way never seen before. Humanity is not allowed rest but trapped in a Hell where even death cannot save those already dead. Expect one Hell of a journey into an inferno of soul tearing sadness, unearthly ires and all the creatures caught in between.

“At this point we are sad to announce that there have been some lineup changes within the band. Our longtime guitarist Simo and our drummer Matti have decided step down due to personal reasons. There was no drama involved, but merely they felt they could not give the band a 100% and decided it was their time to move on. These changes will not affect the release of the album nor our upcoming live shows in 2012 that will be played with a renewed lineup. So make sure to catch us live on our The Promise of Hell -tour 2012! All in all we wish to thank Simo and Matti for all the years in Soulfallen and wish them all the best in the future!

“To end on a positive note, we are glad to announce we have also made a music video of the song ‘Scars Aligned’ that will be released along with the new album in January 2012. The video was shot this autumn and will feature guest vocal appearance by Annika Jalkanen. So count your days, expect the worst and stay doomed for 2012 will be the year of Hell!”

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