SOULSTORM: ‘Fall Of The Rebel Angels’ Out Now

Long-running Canadian metal band SOULSTORM have just released a new album entitled “Fall Of The Rebel Angels”. The CD contains 10 new tracks, including “The Nihilism Quotient”, which features guest vocals by Rob Urbinati of SACRIFICE fame.

One of the original death metal and industrial hybrid terror units, SOULSTORM “combines the brutality of classic death metal with the eerie coldness of GODFLESH-inspired industrial madness,” according to a press release. “Foreboding rhythms, gloomy, abrasive, and most importantly an immersive listen comparable to bands like GODFLESH, SWANS, OBITUARY and CELTIC FROST.”

“Fall Of The Rebel Angels” track listing:

01. Soulless
02. Interwoven
03. Fall Of The Rebel Angels
04. Kingdom Of Rats
05. Control.Suppress.Deny
06. Descent Into Desolation
07. The Nihilism Quotient (feat. Rob Urbinati)
08. Plague Of The North Winds
09. Residual Traces
10. Catalyst Rising
11. Return To The Eve (live) (CELTIC FROST cover)



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