SOUNDGARDEN Frontman Talks Reunion In New Interview

“King Animal”, the first collection of all-new material in 16 years from grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN, and first since the group reunited in 2010, will be released on November 13 via Tom Whalley‘s new record label, a partnership between his Seven Four Entertainment and Republic Records.

Asked what changed his mind five years after he said that a SOUNDGARDEN reunion just wasn’t going to happen, the band’s lead singer, Chris Cornell, told the QMI Agency, “I wasn’t adamant about me not personally wanting to do it but I didn’t see it as being likely. And 90% of that was just based on we weren’t talking about it ever … We didn’t seem to need to reunite in terms of we put away SOUNDGARDEN in a very kind of truimphant and complete way. Our last album was one of our best in terms of all four band members really being completely immersed in the whole process … And it’s one of my favorite albums. And then we walked away from it. It did well commercially … So it wasn’t a question that tugged on heartstrings where you think, ‘God, if only we could have done X. Or yeah, it would be really great to get back so we could redeem ourselves for that long period of crap.'”

Regarding what began the process of SOUNDGARDEN getting back together, Cornell said, “It was a matter of us being in a room together and then becoming comfortable and starting to take on a responsibility for reconnecting with our fans based on our old material and considering doing reissues … And that led to us finally deciding to play a show and then tour and then a new album.”

He continued, “When news got out that we were working on ‘Telephantasm’ and other projects, that’s when the offers first came in — huge. And the first thing we did was kind of unanimously say, ‘No we don’t want to do that.’ And I think that was a catalyst to the trust and the feeling that we’re in this for the right reasons moving forward.”

Deluxe versions of “King Animal” include a box set, a deluxe CD, iTunes deluxe and 180-gram double vinyl. Many of the deluxe editions include album track demos recorded in singer Chris Cornell‘s home studio.

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