SOUNDGARDEN: ‘The Classic Album Selection’ Box Set Due In May

Universal Music has set a May 21 release date for the SOUNDGARDEN classic album box set called “The Classic Album Selection”. The box set will contain the original AM recordings of SOUNDGARDEN‘s seminal albums, “Louder Than Love” (1989), “Badmotorfinger” (1991), “Superunknown” (1994) and “Down On The Upside” (1996) plus last year’s live record of the band’s 1996 West Coast tour, “Live On I-5” (2011). The albums will be presented as a set of mini-LPs in gatefold wallets with booklets and exclusive new artwork designed by widely acclaimed designer and long-term SOUNDGARDEN collaborator Josh Graham.

“The Classic Album Selection” box set features:

* Louder Than Love
* Badmotorfinger
* Superunknown
* Down On The Upside
* Live On I-5

The first new SOUNDGARDEN song in almost 16 years, “Live To Rise”, was made available as a free download on iTunes beginning April 17 as part of the promotion of “Marvel’s The Avengers”. The seven-day promotion includes an exclusive clip, “The Face Off”, from the superhero team-up movie coming out on May 4.

“Live To Rise” was written specifically for “Marvel’s The Avengers” after SOUNDGARDEN was approached about contributing a song to the film.

SOUNDGARDEN officially reunited in early 2010 after disbanding in 1997. Since then, the group has played one full-length North American tour, a batch of festival and club gigs, and some overseas shows.

The group also released a career retrospective called “Telephantasm” as well as a concert album titled “Live On I5”, which was recorded on its last tour before breaking up.

A release date and title for the new SOUNDGARDEN studio album have yet to be announced.