SPINESHANK Drummer: New Album Is ‘Heavier, More Melodic And Darker Than We’ve Ever Been’

Sam Roon of FrontRowRock.com recently conducted an interview with SPINESHANK drummer Tommy Decker. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

FrontRowRock.com: Tell us about [the new SPINESHANK album] “Anger, Denial, Acceptance”.

Tommy Decker: Well, it’s three of the stages of grieving, rearranged a bit. I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to; things ending, relationships, people. Members of this band have been through a lot in the last few years and it all came out in this record. This is the most personal record we’ve ever done. Everything you hear is real. The pain, anger and sadness come from a real place. It was not a fun record to make.

FrontRowRock.com: What was the recording process like?

Tommy Decker: The recording process was a lot different this time. It was the first record where we didn’t have an outside producer come in, we did it completely on our own. We also did it in different sessions. We’d write three or four songs and then go record them. Write three or four more and record them in a different studio. We actually took our Pro Tools rig to a cabin in Big Bear and did a lot of the vocals there. We were totally isolated from the outside world; we were able to fully focus and concentrate on the songs. It was a really cool way to record.

FrontRowRock.com: Why is this album important for fans to own?

Tommy Decker: It really shows the progression of the band. If you go all the way back to “Strictly Diesel” and listen to “Anger, Denial, Acceptance”, you will be amazed at the growth. We’ve gotten better as musicians and songwriters. Jonny [Santos] is singing better than ever on this record. This record is just the most extreme SPINESHANK there has ever been. Heavier, more melodic and darker than we’ve ever been.

FrontRowRock.com: With the first album in eight years about to be released, do you feel any pressure from the heavy music community?

Tommy Decker: Not really. I mean, obviously, we hope that people like the new music, but we made this record because we felt like we still have something to bring to the table. We’ve never been motivated by what other people think. We won’t just go through the motions and write music for no reason. A lot of bands from our era kept going and were just beating a dead horse. We broke up in the same month that we were nominated for a Grammy, because we felt like it wasn’t working anymore. It’s working again. Better than ever. Were comfortable with who we are as a band.

Read the entire interview from FrontRowRock.com.


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