Sweden’s grindcore heritage scarcely needs any qualification here, and every year OBSCENE EXTREME is host to some of the most furious, ripsaw-savage bands that nation can produce.

No return is as eagerly anticipated as SPLITTER. Forming in 2003, these Stockholm-based brutalists joined the OBSCENE PRODUCTIONS grindcore family for their second EP, 2006’s ÒEN SORGLIG HISTORIA,Ó impressing the crowds at OBSCENE EXTREME that same year with their unrelenting barrage of death-laden, up-tempo grind. Playing again in 2008, they also took the devastation to North America with a 2009 set at MARYLAND DEATH FEST, and ended that same year touring with the mighty NAPALM DEATH. Back from a break, with new material and a renewed sense of vigour, Swedish grindcore is hitting OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 like an avalanche.

Brace yourself, SANITY’S DAWN are set to unleash chaos at OBSCENE EXTREME 2012.

Formed in 1990 and extremely prolific, with a storm of demos, EPs, and albums and other releases almost every year since 1992 – including splits with the likes of WADGE, MAGRUDERGRIND, MINDFLAIR, YACÖPSAE and other genre veterans. Despite their age and grey-haired starus in grindcore, the Hanover-based quartet haven’t been afraid to evolve, gradually transforming into a faster, nastier, more politicised unit aiming vicious stabs at the modern world with every two-minute burst of rage.

Get low for the the groove-flecked, putrid style of Italy’s savage slam merchants VULVECTOMY.

Formed in 2007 by vocalist Diego FANELLI of long-running technical death metallers NATRON with the intentioned of creating a vicious, gut-rumbling brand of death metal in the style of underground kings like DEVOURMENT and CEPHALOTRIPSY, their brand of brutality has been recognised by the scene’s undisputed heavyweights, having released albums through Japan’s AMPUTATED VEIN and SEVARED in the US.Those guys know slam, so take their advice and feel the bass rumble for VULVECTOMY at OBSCENE EXTREME 2012.

Flick up your collar, don some mirror shades and head to the graveyard to party like its Return Of The Living Dead, Sweden’s REPUKED are swaggering, strutting death punk circa 1988.

Channelling AUTOPSY, DEATH STRIKE and REPULSION, with the punkish, d-beat attitude of ENTOMBED, these new pupils to the old school turned heads with the sickening, toxic assault of their 2011 full-length debut “PERVERTOPIA.”Armed with a new drummer and a steady stream of forthcoming split 7”s, one with Sicilian gorelords HAEMOPHAGUS, OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 is set to spend detention with the old school’s chain-smoking, gum-chewing drop-outs.

Obscene Extreme 2012 will take place from Wednesday July 11th to Sunday July 15th 2012

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