eOne Music has announced the signing of rock act SPOKEN. The band’s seventh studio album, “Illusion”, will be released on February 12. The CD was produced by Jasen Rausch (RED, DISCIPLE) over a two-year period in Nashville, Tennessee.

Commented SPOKEN bassist Ryan Pei: “The process was so long and spread out that it was more of an evolution during the process of making the record. Our producer, Jasen Rauch, has been a huge part of where this band is at sonically and has taught all of us so much.”

SPOKEN frontman Matt Baird has a different view when it comes to the time that was spent developing this album. “We love music, we love our fans, we love seeing the world, but most of all we feel that God has given us an amazing tool,” he said. “Music is universal, we love to play and perform. We’ll do music for the rest of our lives. Hopefully we have not and never will take this for granted. We have great lives and have no plans on wasting it.”

“Illusion” is summed up by the first radio single, “Through It All”, which “was written around the time that the tornado destroyed Joplin, Missouri,” explains Baird. “It’s a song about going through the fires of life, and actually making it through to the other side without giving up.”